Dropped Frames
A Collaborative Experiment in Film organized by J.Patrick Walsh III

From one moment to the next, a trail of images remains leaving shadows on our minds' eye. In our last moments of life a thought or vision is said to feel like an eternity. Dropped frames is a term for lost digital data, unrecoverable media. Whether organic or technological, memories' accuracy will always have empty spaces between moments. Furthermore, these subconscious time frames could create another world of "films" or "visions" which questions the perception of our known reality. For this exhibition 33 artists were asked to create transitions/ animations/gestures/movements. Each artist was presented with the parameters of using 3-5 frames of 81/2"x11" transparencies to meet these ends. Installed, the show will appear as a filmstrip wrapping the walls of the gallery, initiating the viewer to move through the space, to "watch" the collective results. After the show is installed cinematographers will document, film and animate the installation with 16mm film and Hi-Definition video from various perspectives. This will allow the viewer to fully experience the exhibit long after the show closes.

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